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One-On-One Training

Ready to make a commitment to your body goals? Train with our personal trainers one-on-one to achieve your fitness goals. Former injury or lacking confidence? No problem: our expert and licensed personal trainers tailor individualized work-outs to accommodate any constraints and limitations, helping you get stronger and comfortable with your body. We offer a series of packages in 30 minute to 1 hour  increments.

Partner Training

Setting couple-fitness goals or enjoying meeting challenges with friends that will help hold you accountable? Partner training allows you and another person to be personally trained together in one session. Our experienced trainers will develop fun, specialized plans that meet both of your goals and manifest your fitness dreams—together.

Virtual Training: RedCity@Home

Are you still skeptical about coming to the gym in-person? Do you have a tight schedule that prevents you from commuting to the gym? RedCity@home is an online one-on-one or partner training session for 30 or 60 minutes with minimal equipment needed!
*When buying, our RedCity@home training sessions are the same as our in-person training packages.

Meet Our Trainers

Hector Plaza

Welcome to Red City Fitness! Growing up in Puerto Rico, I got introduced to the fitness industry when I was very young. I started playing baseball when I was five years old, and I continued playing until 2015, when I moved to Boston. After completing high school, I attended a community college in Jacksonville, Texas, where I played baseball as I started my undergraduate studies. I then moved back to Puerto Rico, where I completed a bachelor’s degree in sports management with minors in sports marketing and entrepreneurship. I have been training clients since 2012, when I became an AFAA certified personal trainer. Baseball and training are my passions. I love seeing my clients’ reaction as their bodies and lifestyles change with training; this is the best gift I could receive from them. I always have a plan for each client, and I am ready to help them to achieve their goals. I specialize in weight loss, functional training, conditioning training, strength training, and corrective exercises.

Languages: English, Spanish

Shea Puma

I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and have my B.S in Exercise Science. My goal as a trainer is to hold my clients accountable, all while providing a safe and  enjoyable experience. I am a big believer that stepping out of your comfort zone is key to unlocking growth, and with personalised training we can do just that. Whatever your goals may be, I want to provide you with the right program and tools necessary to achieve them, and beyond! I am here to guide you through your fitness journey and encourage healthier practices to elevate your training, as well as your lifestyle outside of the gym. Most importantly though, I am here to boost your confidence! It is so important to me that you leave your session feeling accomplished and eager for more. My specialties include Resistance training, mobility, core, weight loss and Interval training. Fitness is a huge part of my life and I would love to share my enthusiasm with you! In my free time I enjoy making smoothies, hiking, swimming, and painting!

Languages: English